Our Story

Ours is one of those stories that can only happen in America. Guy gets a job, realizes he is not going any further, quits the job, sells the house, starts a business. Ends up starting something big. This is the story of “no-nonsense”.

I worked for Chrysler as a factory rep for 17 years before my wife and I  decided that the “corporate lifestyle” was not right for my family. My wife was very supportive.  “OK, if we lose our money you get a job selling cars, I can always get a job waiting tables, we will be fine” she said. (The kids were 1 and 4 at the time).

Lets fast forward to today!

We didn’t stay small for long. Genesee Valley Motors began with 7 employees in 1994, we have grown to almost 80 today. We sell about 2,000 cars a year and are ranked #40 of the top 100 companies in Rochester. 

Opening day 1994 - That's me in the blue sweater!

Doing things the right way

It was always about doing things the right way and having a small thriving business, having “customers for life”.

We started by advertising “real price” and real payment. We refused to send out “fake keys in the mail” fake “tax refund checks” have “blowout sales” or sell stuff you do not need.

I needed a way to explain the concept so I came up with the now federally trademarked statement, Your no-nonsense car dealer! ® 

Doing business the right way has been recognized by our customers in our growth and our peers in awards.

Here are just some of the awards we have won. 

We tell you upfront what a “no-nonsense” experience is. You can find that commitment in our “10 no-nonsense standards”. We find that educated consumer is our best customer.® We hope to make you one of them.