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The reason is simple, I call myself “the no-nonsense car dealer” because that’s the way we operate my dealership, and that is the basis for writing this blog, there is a great deal of Non-Sense in the car business. TheCarBuyersBestFriend Blog is like having a friend in the car business telling you what to watch out for when you make a deal.

Some other dealers have come-ons, lures, gimmicks and flat out lies contained in their marketing efforts just to get you to stop there first. They’ll shout what sounds good to you and hide the details in the fine print.  The average buyer cannot win this battle; they are simply not equipped with the insider information needed to avoid being taken.

TheCarBuyersBestFriend Blogwill give you the insider information that will help you navigate the traps some other dealers have planted, so you don’t get taken.  To be clear, we would rather be the one to sell you a vehicle but if you don’t come to us first, at least I might have done some good by empowering you with the information you need.  I believe this will be good for both of us. You may spot trouble before you make a deal elsewhere, feel uneasy or losing trust from the way you are being treated and consider doing business with Genesee Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Genesee Valley Ford.

The big question you need to answer…Is this the way you want to buy a car? We hope you’ll see us first for a No Non-Sense Deal but if you don’t, look for this blog to be your guide through some of the dealer tricks you need to be aware of. Check back often, the dealers are constantly changing as their tricks are uncovered.

Next Week, Lesson One: LOWBALLS

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The actual wlohesale value placed on the car by the dealer (they will almost NEVER tell you this number) will be within pocket change regardless of what dealership you go to. What really matters is your negotiating skills vs the sales staff's skills. (They will win most of the time unless you are an experienced negotiator in your own right.) The next factor will be how much "wiggle room" exists in the vehicle that you are buying. If you are looking at a new compact at a Chrysler dealer and a new mid-sized Ford there will be more bargaining room at the Ford house so it may appear that they are offering you more on your trade. They really are not, they're just shifting the numbers around to make it appear that way.The best way to buy a new car is to sell your old one privately for cash. You'll ALWAYS get more money on a private sale than a dealer will allow wlohesale on a trade. If you insist on trading in, say for convenience sake, bargain on the new vehicle as if you were a cash buyer who is NOT trading in a car. Once you have a firm deal signed by management, bring up your trade. Don't let them mess with the selling price on the new car after that point. What they are offering you on your trade is something close to the true wlohesale value. That number should be very close no matter what dealership you are at.Watch out for one trick that I've seen a lot of lately. Dealers will show you the Black Book wlohesale price and claim that that's all that it's worth. What they are showing you however is the pricing for vehicle AUCTIONS. Auction pricing is always less than wlohesale because the buyers are not permitted to do much more than look over the cars and listen to the engine running. They can't drive them or put them on a lift for a close evaluation. Insist that they use the NADA wlohesale dealer guide pricing which will always be higher. That's fair because they have had a chance to carefully inspect your car, unlike when they buy at auction.

Aug 3, 2012 8:32 pm
- Ezequielito