Where does my milk come from?

by Dom Genova

It's not always about the cars.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to sell you one of those brand new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Rams or Fords but sometimes it's about helping out people that you like and know.

Today I'd like to lend a little marketing effort to help out our local Dairy Farmers.

Like me, farmers get competition from all over the place and I have friends of mine that are local dairy farmers and facing stiff competition. (I am waiting for the day China is going to send over milk from Chinese cows, which I guess will have to happen if certain people in Congress get their way and make America do away with cows, but I digress.)

My personal opinion is that closer is fresher so it's a good thing to know where your dairy products come from.

And how do you know you ask? Well, I'll tell you.                                    

There is a code on the product that tells you the state and a web site that will tell you exactly where your milk was processed !

 Below is a chart of States and their Dairy Codes. The bottle of milk has a code, 36 happens to be New York. I am also including a link where you can see exactly where your dairy product was processed. It's kind of neat, you can search by area. Input "Rochester NY" (for some reason the site defaults to Wisconsin)  and see all the local plants and their codes.

The way I see it lots of people search out bottled water, why not search out New York milk products? You get a quality product made close to home and help out a neighbor to boot!



Table of State Dairy CodesUpclose photo of Upstate Farm Vitamin D Milk 

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