Up close and personal “LOWBALL”

A lowball can also be "up close and personal" and not just in a dealer ad! Let me tell you a story............................

Years ago (light years ago) I was a young 23 year old Chrysler "Road Man".  I was employed by Chrysler Corporation itself to call on dealers, review Chrysler's programs with them and sell them the new cars that they sell to you. One one week I was asked by my boss to interview all of the Sales Managers at the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealerships I called on to find out what kind of "followup" system they used for customers who came in to the dealership to buy a car but did not make a deal "on the spot". Most managers had legitimate systems where the salesperson would get the prospective customer's name and phone number and write it on a formal "followup" form. They would then have a system where someone would call the customer every couple of days to see where the customer stood in their buying process.

The Sales Manager of one of my biggest dealerships had a shocking "followup system". He used no form at all nor did he require the salesperson to give him the customer's name and number. I still remember his response when I asked him about his "followup" system. He said: "My followup system? I just lowball the sh** out of them when they're here! I give them a price that even I can't honor. They HAVE to come back!"

WOW. It was quite an education for me.

He went on to tell me that he depended on the customer shopping around for the best price then coming back to him when it turned out to be HIS price which was thousands less then a legitimate price. He had no intention of honoring the price but just wanted the "last shot" at the customer after the customer shopped all the other dealers. Don't be fooled, I found out that this tactic is still being used by some dealers. When you go back to the dealership there is always a denial of what you were told or a claim of a "misunderstanding".

"Misunderstanding ?".............Yeah, right.

We have always been taught "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is". This is even more relevant in the car business. State Law requires that the manufacturer sell thier cars to each dealer for the same price. If you have a dealer saying they can sell you a car thousands less than their competition...... beware! You might be getting a "LOWBALL".

Next week, the gentler side of "up close"........."If I could wouldya."