'tis the season!

I am so tickled by this time of the year in the car business. It's such a hoot! With the start of summer you see a whole bunch of dealers having tent sales.

Yup, some dealers are going to rent these BIG tents along with lots of tables and chairs and move all their cars down the road. (They already own parking lots so I do not see the point). Of course, moving the cars makes them cheaper.

Additionally, they are going to make you and their salespeople very uncomfortable as you negotiate your deal in the hot sun or humid nights. You may have to flick off mosquitoes or find a porta-potty to use for your bathroom depending on the exact location of the tent sale.

Of course, the extra expense the dealer incurs makes the cars cost less as the space-time continuum is suspended by moving the cars and renting the tent. It is well known that the laws of physics and economics go into flux and you get a much better deal!

Don't think so? Neither do I.

So I am going to make you an alternate offer.

How about if I leave my cars right here and not spend the money on the big tent. I will provide you with the same indoor plumbing we have now, an air conditioned showroom and a "no-nonsense" deal from a non-commissioned salesperson.

I'll pass the "tent sale expense savings" right on to you!

 Or, if you truly insist , I could always do this. This is pretty cheap. I own the tent already:



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