Tightrope walking

Did you see it?

Last week, a tightrope walker navigated successfully between two tall skyscrapers in Chicago.  The fact is that it was easy, anyone could do it.  All you needed was one of those long poles and those special “grippy” shoes and you would have been all set to go.

Don’t think so? Neither do I.

There are car ads that lead you to believe that you can own a brand new, nicely equipped Jeep for $79 per month without any money out of your pocket and a big catch.  It’s easy. Anyone can get it. All you need to do is show up, sign the contract, and drive away.

Don’t think so? Neither do I.

All dealers pay the same price for their new cars. Spectacularly better offers always have a catch.

Like that tightrope walker knows, it’s good to have balance and know the tricks.

It absolutely amazes me that there is a portion of the buying public that gets lured into these promotions and the fact is that it is fairly easy to tell what is going on and get the real story. First, if you call the dealer and ask about what you need to do to get that payment and they will not tell you over the phone you know there is a problem. Second, you need to know the approximate value of your trade-in so the dealer is not counting on "stealing your trade" to make the deal. Third, you need to have some sort of idea of what your credit score is like so he does not force you to take financing you do not deserve.

More than likely you have to qualify for a bunch of rebates nobody on the planet would quality for. Oh, in addition,  "ad car" was sold to his brother-in-law yesterday  anyway. (But do not be discouraged, he has another car right there for more money that you can have if you want!)