The "REAL DEAL" with dealers that offer "ONE PRICE"

by Dom Genova

Here is the deal with those dealers who claim to have “one price” prices.

They rarely truly have “one price”.


Because your entire deal is just more complicated than that.

Very few people pay cash for a car with no trade in and trade-in values can vary greatly from dealer to dealer and so can finance rates.

Add to this that there are many rare factory rebates that your salesperson needs to investigate for you and you can begin to see that one person's price can vary from another’s by quite a bit.

AND how about if you want a little bit of something thrown in for good measure like mud-flaps? Is the dealer going to tell you to take a hike because they only have "one price" ?

THEN there is the matter of extra stuff like the “Extended Warranty” packages that will be presented to you and the cost of any add-ons that you may want to buy like running boards, bedliners, and such. Some dealers will force you to take some pretty worthless add-ons as part of the deal. (There was one dealer that claimed to have some gizmo that went in your fuel line to “arrange the molecules” for you to get better gas mileage through magnets. The cost was $1,000. Since when does gas respond to a magnet anyway? )

Well you get the picture. So look at it this way:

A dealer can CLAIM “one price” but that is only the start……. then there is:

  • The value of your trade in
  • Your finance rate if you are financing
  • Extended warranties you may want
  • Accessories you may want
  • Additional rebates available to you as a member of a special group
  • Stuff you may want "thrown into" the deal

Don’t be lured........ figure your "whole deal" to get your "best overall price".

Why do I tell you this?

Because the more you know about the car business the more you will like Genesee Valley.