The new thing.

I can't believe it. NOW we have a dealer advertising the price of the car without the destination charge and prep charges included! It's like the "wild west" out there with the advertising these days. Be careful!

Most amusing to me though are the radio disclaimers.

If you listen closely to the radio disclaimers a bunch of dealers are now speeding up the disclaimer and playing music behind it........all so that you won't  be able to hear it. I am in the business and all I can make out most of the time is "blah blah blah bladdy blah blah". Hidden in there somewhere is that you have to be a left handed bagpipe player in order to quality for all the rebates.

What is interesting, too, is that now some dealers are putting the disclaimers at the beginning of their ad instead of the end so you think it is for the PREVIOUS ad! What nonsense.

Here is the commercial for Genesee Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Genesee Valley Ford:

We have "no-nonsense" money saving deals.

Period, no disclaimer required. Come see us.