The mattress salesman................

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go to Philadelphia to help my daughter move into her new unfurnished apartment. She is an attorney. (Read the aforementioned sentence as meaning she "she is much smarter than I am and doesn't need my help”.)

One of the things that she needed was a new bed and she brought me along for the ride. All I did was sit there and listen but I found a remarkable similarity to car sales.

The first place that she went to was one of those places that sells all types of furniture (it has two names). The saleswoman kept on interacting with her with “typical salespersons tactics".

"What size bed do you want? Lie on this one, lie on that one." Then she went right to price "I can take this much off of this one and much off of that one but you have to act real fast because the sale is ending."

My daughter decided that she would leave and go elsewhere.

We went to the mattress store about a half a mile away surprisingly named "Sleepies".

What an outstandingly different sales experience!

We met a salesman he introduced himself with his full name, Andre Witherspoon. He asked us to tell him who the bed was for and once he found out it was for her, he interacted with her, not me, and gave her all the respect she deserved.

Then he started to ask questions.

The questions were geared toward finding out what she needed rather than what he wanted to sell. His questions included things like " Do you sleep on your stomach or your back? Do you find yourself getting up having any of your limbs falling to sleep?  Do you toss and turn a lot? Are you allergic to any material? Then he asked "Do you have a budget in mind?" and of course "What size bed do you like, because not only is that important for your comfort but bigger beds will not fit through the door ways in older apartments in Philadelphia”.

After she answered his questions he said her budget was very doable and was not only going to show her beds in her price range but was also going to show her ones that were less than she wanted to spend just in case she wanted to save some money.

The guy was fantastic and exemplified what anybody should be looking for in a sales person whether it is buying a mattress, a pair of shoes or a car.

When you go to buy a car the questions are just as important. How are you going to use the car?  How is going to fit your lifestyle?  How is going to fit you physically?  Many people have made a mistake by getting fitted into the wrong mattress, shoes or car.

So when you're shopping for car take a note from my example and make sure that you are getting the service that you need from a salesperson like Andre. It's great to save money but are you really saving money if you buy something that is not right for your needs?

Andre would do very well at Genesee Valley. Fitting people into the right vehicle is part of our DNA.

I have to tell you too, the next time I need a mattress I am going to find some way of ordering it from a “Sleepies” in Philadelphia from a guy named Andre !