The crackdown may be starting !

I have been railing all along about deceptive dealer ads. I am not talking about the average dealer (my anology) "drives 70 in a 65 zone".

I am talking about the ads that say "$0 Down" but actually includes your own trade in, so it really says "trade in your car and then you have $0 more to put down". Then there are the ads that say "your payment on this Grand Cherokee is only $259 !" but they do not tell you that it is a bi-weekly payment and not monthly so the real payment is $518 per month. Then there are all those "keys in the mail" promotions where nobody ever wins anything, even though your mailer said that you did.

Well, apprently the Federal Trade Commission is starting to crack down !

Just go to this FTC site:

I get this stuff all the time and I refuse to participate in all of this nonsense. Take a look at the promotional junk I got sent to me in the last month. 

It's sad that there are two people who lose when someone gets lured into buying a car because of a deceptive ad, the customer himself and the honest dealer who will not stoop to these levels.



Photo of several pieces of mail from advertisers
I refuse to use these mailers