It's that time of the year again! Dealers everywhere are renting tents. Some are even going through the expense of moving all of their vehicles to some remote location like a mall parking lot and spending the money not only to move the cars but also rent tables and chairs and set up all the electrical connections and computers they need.

All to convince you that in this way they car sell the cars cheaper! It is just too funny!

In addition to all the above the dealer can spend tens of thousands of dollars in extra advertising expense to promote all of this nonsense.

I have been in business a long time and unless they suspend the laws of physics somehow, moving inventory or renting a superflous thing like a tent will not make the cars cheaper. It increases your expenses which, you guessed it, has to be passed on to the customer somehow.

So when you are looking to buy that new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram truck or Ford or Ford Truck, come see us here at Exit 10 in Avon. We have a perfectly nice showroom, more comfortable chairs, air conditioning and indoor plumbing. We have non-commissioned salespeople and no-nonsense deals.

Is that not better than a tent sale?