Soon, if not already you are going to see dealers with "Tent Sales". Yup, they are going to go rent a tent, chairs, tables and porta-potties. They are going to move their cars down the road by a couple of miles and try to convince you that moving the cars off-site is going to somehow make them cheaper.

Got to me to thinking.

If moving your cars down the road makes them cheaper than moving them further must make them cheaper still!

Let me think...............Utica! I think I'll move my cars to Utica! THAT will make them real cheap!

I hope you are at least getting a chuckle.

I also hope you are not thinking I am saying anything bad about Utica at all, after all it is a lovely town. I am just trying to point out how silly it is to get roped into buying a car at a "Tent Sale". All the stuff that a dealer has to do to have one of those off-site sales just adds to his expenses and when a dealer increases his expenses he bakes it into his pricing structure somewhere.

It could be somewhere you never see it like his financing or he could be giving you less for your trade-in.

So for all "in-tents" and purposes (couldn't resist) avoid tent sales.

Especially since you can just come here and get air conditioning and indoor plumbing.