Repo Sale? Really?

by Dom Genova

So, this morning I am looking at TV and become inspired by another dealer’s ad.

They are having a REPO sale.

For those very few of you who don’t know REPO stands for “repossession”.

Yes, somebody bought the car, could not pay the payments, so it probably was ripped out of their driveway late one night and now is for sale to you.

Let’s think this thing through, shall we?

IF the previous owner did not have the money to pay the payments, then they probably did not have money for other things, like say, oil changes. When you see the car for sale I am sure it looks very nice, but what reconditioning went into it? Forget about being ripped out of their driveway, was it found somewhere in the woods? You just don’t know. This is what you want?

And WHY would you actually look to buy a REPO?

Isn’t that like saying you ONLY want to date people who have been in State Prison and no one else?

I am sure that does not have a check box for “must be convicted felon”.

As you can see I am not buying the whole concept. Go to a dealer you trust and get the Carfax and (this is the Holy Grail) service records for the used car you want.

You will be much better off in my book.