One price for all ................isn't always.

by Dom Genova

The "ONE PRICE" catch


I think one of the biggest pitfalls that some buyers experience when car shopping is getting lured by a lowball price they see in the paper or to blindly accept that a dealer is offering "one price selling" for all customers.


"One price" might work, IF you peel off cash for a vehicle, have no trade-in, need no financing and do not want any extras like an extended warranty or accessories. Not everyone has the same credit or exactly the same trade-in.


There is a lot more to consider.


You can be getting a price that sounds good on the surface but then you have to take bloated financing, accept less for your trade-in or buy some screwy "protection package". All of those things can make that "one price" one crummy price.

I will illustrate just two examples.

One of my customers thought he got a great price from a dealer a few miles away but then learned he paid almost $2,000 for a virtually worthless extended warranty! Then there was the time when I had one of my salespeople say to a customer "If the other dealer is giving you a better price, why is his payment higher ?" The customer had to take bloated financing to get the "one price". Consider this, $20 more in a 60 month payment translates to $1,200 more overall !

Buying a car is not like buying a box of corn flakes. There are a lot of moving parts and you need to compare the deal one dealer is offering you versus the other.

Take a look at the graphic I made below that illustrates the "moving parts" of a deal and how a good price may be affected by other factors. Look at your whole deal, compare deals and buy where you feel that you are getting the best of what you want.

Why do I tell you these things?

Because "An educated consumer is our best customer." ®


Four Parts of Pricing an Automobile








"One price" ............ISN'T