My New Year's Predictions !

by Dom Genova

New Year’s prompts a lot of people to make predictions about the upcoming year, so I figured, what the heck, I’d give it a shot.


Here are my top 10 predictions for 2020:


1 - You’ll get a fake key in the mail to win a car and you will not win.


2 - You’ll get a $25,000 scratch and win card in the mail and you will not win.


3 - You’ll will get a little lock box in the mail to win a truck and you will not win.


4 - You’ll get a check from a dealer that looks like a tax refund, it will not be.


5 - You’ll see a dealer offer you a free cruise that really isn’t free.


6 - You’ll will see an ad with “$0 down” that really means $5,000 down


7 - A dealer will offer $4000 for any worthless trade-in but will keep the $4000 factory rebate for himself.


8 - A dealer will advertise “one price for all”, but it will be a crummy price.


9 - Someone will start advertising that their cars are “gluten free”.


10 - You will see none of the above at Genesee Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep or Genesee Valley Ford.  After all we are your “No-Nonsense” car dealer!


(Let’s see how many of these come to pass!)


Happy New Year!