My McDonalds Story

My McDonalds story, try this yourself,

I was travelling one day with my wife, Nita, on the way to a dealer meeting and stopped at a McDonalds to get a bite at about 1:30.

The line was long and the young woman behind the counter was doing a great job trying to get everyone served but also had an extra task of “hawking” apple pies. With each order she had to ask the customer “would you like to add an apple pie for only one dollar more”?

Over and over she was required to ask. Over and over the answer was “No thanks” or even a rude “NO!” from someone probably frustrated by waiting in the long line.

So when I go to the front of the line I asked her if she was actually required to sell the $1 apple pies and if so what was her quota was for the day. She told me that “Yes sir, I have to sell 10 and have only sold three, it’s been a slow day. I have to make sure that I ask every customer.”

To which I replied “I’ll give you a break, just sell me seven and pass them free to the next 7 people in line please.”

The reaction was great. The people in line cheered (they were getting free pie!)  and the young woman was liberated for the rest of the afternoon.

 I brought a smile to her face and a little brightness to the next 7 people in line and the McDonalds hit their lunch quota for apple pies.

What did I get out of this?

It brightened my day too and I still laugh thinking of it.

A mere $7 (plus tax) haha !