My EXCLUSIVE 2016 predictions !

2016 Logo in Silver Glitter for the New Year

New Year’s prompts a lot of people to make predictions about the upcoming year, so I figured, what the heck, I  would give it a shot.


Here are my “top 10” predictions. In 2016 you will:


1. Get a “fake key” in the mail to win a car, and you will not win.

2. Get a $25,000 “scratch and win” card in the mail, and you will not win.

3. Get a little lockbox in the mail to win a truck, and you will not win.

4. Get a letter in the mail with a check that looks like a tax refund, but it will not be.

5. See a dealer offer you a free cruise during hurricane season.

6. See an ad with “0 Down” that actually means $3,678 down.

7. See a dealer offer you more for trade-ins, to find out he charges more for his cars.

8. Be lured by someone advertising “one price,” only to find out it is one crummy price.

9. See a dealer starting to advertise that his cars are “gluten free.”

10. See Genesee Valley refuse to do any of the above.


We will re-visit this all next year to see how well I did. I can only guarantee #10.


P.S. I wrote the above for a D+C ad that ran before the end of the year. Since that time I recieved another dealer's mailing that said, if you stopped in before Dec. 31, he would give you "three gold coins". The only catch (and it was right in the small font disclaimer) was that the coins were not actually gold! It gave the percentages of different metals in them to make them appear gold, but they had not one speck of gold in them! Frankly, I could never have predicted that one! What's next, fake oil changes for life?

You can't make this stuff up!


Happy New Year!


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