My $3,000 for your bottle offer.

I have to tell you, I am amazed that so many people do not get the "catch" behind the "we give you a minimum of $3,000 for your trade-in" offers some dealers are advertising. ANYONE can give you $3,000 for something, anything, if they overcharge you on what they are selling you.

Someone can give you $3,000 for an old piece of toast of you give them $3,002 for their piece of toast. Dealers hide the markup in the figures and may even be "stealing" your rebates!

I actually produced a 30 second Facebook video, making light of this check it out !


Advice: Always ask the dealer to give you a "cash difference" price. In other words, "if I trade-in my vehicle how much more money do I have to come up with"?

It's only then that you will know the real figures!