I have just started a series of ads with the titlr "KNOW", here is one example.

At Genesee Valley we say “The more you know about the car business, the more you will like Genesee Valley.”

Know that a dealer can put the lowest price in the paper by using a combination of factory rebates you can’t possibly get.  He does this to lure you into the dealership where he can pressure you. He will claim that all dealers do this. We all do not.

Know a dealer may advertise “one price” selling.  The attractive price in the window may have a big catch. It’s very possible that to make up for the low price he will severely undervalue your trade-in or slam you with a bloated interest rate you do not deserve.  You should compare the whole deal;  price, trade in and interest. Know that a dealer can advertise “0 Down” on a lease but then hit you with thousands in fees. “Down” on a lease does not mean the same as “Down” on a buy. Be aware.

At Genesee Valley we do none of this. We are convinced that we sell more cars and you save more money with our “no-nonsense” way of doing business. So when you are looking for a great deal on your next vehicle, see us and forget all that silly nonsense. Our factory certified professional sales team is here to serve you.

Genesee Valley is “Your no-nonsense car dealer!”