It's just too funny to think about!

It’s just too funny.

It came to me as a revelation the other day that car buyers are pretty accepting people all told. It seems as though the average car buyer will accept behavior from a dealer that he or she will not tolerate in other businesses.

It’s funny when you step back to look at it all.

We have dealers dressed up on TV as prize fighters, boat captains, secret agents and such. We have a dealer yelling and shouting, telling you how big he is going to make Rochester. We have another on TV shrunken and dancing on the keyboard of a computer.

 Then there are all the “disclaimers” where a dealer will tell you in a radio ad that the car payment is $199 a month then it will be followed by 15 seconds of fast talking unintelligible “disclaimer” telling you why he CAN’T do $199 a month.   That disclaimer is also where he finally reveals that the payment is a lease and not a buy……..listen closely.

 Worse than that are the TV ads where 6 seconds of “mouseprint” on the bottom of the screen will apparently get the dealer off of the hook to honor the payment on the sign he is holding up.  At least the radio disclaimers seem to be loud enough. Why bother?

Then there are the “all rebates applied” dealers. This is no joke, I found a dealer online that published low prices on his cars , beating all of us other dealers, BUT he was including a sum of rebates nobody will qualify for; Current Owner, Competitive Lease Owner, Recent College Grad, Active Military, Realtors Association, Business Owner and (get this) Case Tractor Owner. (I am NOT making this up, you only found this all out when you got there, you needed to qualify for them ALL for his price to be good!)

This begs the question; would you accept this foolishness from anyone other than a car dealer?

What if your dentist dressed up like a pirate or your attorney dressed up as a fisherman? What would you do if your plumber was on TV telling you how “BIG” he was going to make Rochester in plumbing? Would you care? What difference would it make?

How about if you went to buy a house and your banker told you your payment would be $1,500 a month on the house of your dreams but when you got to closing you found out it was to lease and not to buy the house?  Would you still go through with it?

What would you say if the preacher read your marriage vows to you so fast that you had no idea of what he was saying? Would you still say “I do”?   Probably not.

What’s my point? You can and should demand better.