It's a trap!

by Dom Genova

Here is a screenshot of a local Internet ad from a dealer not far from us.

You would assume that you could buy this truck for about 29 grand after all the rebates, right?

This is what the salesperson at the dealership told the customer "If you qualify for all the rebates, you can buy this truck for about 28 grand!"

Do you know the scam? You can't combine them all. You can only get one, maybe two of the additional rebates and that is only IF you qualify. This is not a real offer, its a tactic to lure you in.

Think of it, even if you could get all the rebates, you would have to be a Realtor who owns a Case tractor, in the military, disabled, having possession of a totaled vehicle and having a leased vehicle in your household while being a member of the Future Farmers of America and being in possession of a special coupon Chrysler would have sent you if you previously put in an internet lead months ago and did not buy while financing through Chrysler Capital.

It's absurd nonsense ! Please for your sake and mine (and every other public-minded dealer) do not get lured into doing business with a salesperson who uses these tactics. It's not good for you or the good dealer who will not stoop to this tactic.

Just saying.............


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