Is this a new "low" in dealer ads?

by Dom Genova

I think I might have found a new “low” in dealer advertising, or at least something to match what I think the old “low” was!

What was the “old low” in my book?

The dealer on TV saying that your payment on the $40,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was “only 299! Your payment is only $299 come see us!”

Can you figure the catch?

He never said MONTHLY! It was twice a week so your real payment was $598 !

That was the “old low” in my book.

What may be the “new low” are those dealers advertising a low payment that is not for the life of the loan, the payment is only for a few months!

“Your payment on this lease is only $119 per month” they will tell you on TV. Well, fact is that is only for the first few months and then the payment goes up to where it is supposed to be, or more! It could be 3 months at $119 then 69 months at $440.

Why do they do such things? They do this to get you in the door and a lot of people are too nice to walk away from such nonsense.

Hey, when you see us advertise a price for a vehicle it is good for everyone. When you see us advertise a lease payment it includes all your taxes and fees and the payment is good for the life of the lease.

Why do I tell you these things? Because an educated consumer is our best customer!

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