“If I could wouldya.”

Let's talk about a subtle "LOWBALL" technique that may not be a lowball technique at all depending on who you are talking to and their intention.  It goes like this:

A salesperson asks "IF I COULD __________(fill in the blank here) would you buy the car?"

The salesperson (or manager) is obviously trying to find out just what it is going to take to sell you the car. Sometimes this "soft" offer is made because the salesperson knows you are about to leave the dealership without buying the car you were looking at and wants to give you the impression he can sell it for a price that he can't, or give you money for your trade-in that he can not commit to. Sometimes it is a legitimate negotiation technique.

Consider different things a salesperson may ask.  "IF I COULD throw in a no charge remote would you buy the car?" (probably legitimate) Or "IF I COULD get you another $500 off the price of my car would you buy the car? (probably legitimate). Or "IF I COULD throw in a bed liner would you buy the truck?" (probably legitimate). After all, buying a car is a negotiation and the dealer wants to make a deal and not lose money doing it. Then again there are other questions to be posed to you.  "IF I COULD give you $4,000 for your trade-in (that every other dealer  appraised at $250) would you buy my car?"  (probably not legitimate). Or "IF I COULD sell you that $35,000 Jeep  Grand Cherokee for $25,000 would you buy it?   (probably not legitimate)  These "IF I COULD's" are more than likely lowballs  meant to let you leave the dealership with the impression that the dealer can do something that he clearly can not. The statements are made to get you thinking you have an offer when you really do not. His defense is that he said "IF". Two letters that can be used to invalidate the entire statement.

IF I COULD" is different than "I CAN". If a dealer ever gives you an "IF I COULD" you need to test what he is saying against common sense and also ask for his offer in writing. Beware of dealers telling you anything you want to hear.

At Genesee Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Genesee Valley Ford. I am going to give you an "IF I COULD".

"IF I COULD help you be educated to the car buying process and not get ripped-off I certainly would.