So I am looking at a TV ad the other night by a local dealer. It went something like “ONLY $39 PER MONTH FOR THIS BRAND NEW CAR!”. Of course you could not read the disclaimer without pausing the ad, it was so small and so quick. You can always see the same thing in the CARS section of the Democrat and Chronicle, some dealers making it seem like you can get a car for nearly free. $39, really?

The truth of the matter is that you CAN get a car for $39 per month but only true IF you put enough money down and qualify for a bunch of obscure rebates.

 Some will confuse you with words like “no security deposit” to make it look like you don’t have to come up with any cash but of course you do. Others may say “$0 DOWN” that must mean the car has no goose feathers because you certainly have to come up with a ton of money to drive off with the car they are advertising.

I have to laugh; why stop there? Why don’t they just advertise “FREE CAR”? The disclaimer would simply have to be that you “put down” the entire purchase price! Why stop at $39 per month? “$0 per month for this brand new Ford Fusion!” …………………………if you put $26,000 down.

I took the liberty of putting an ad in the paper saying exactly that. You can see the ad below.

No, we do not have free cars, but nobody else does either.

Flyer for