Does Size Matter?

Does size matter?

It is an age old question and very germane to what I am seeing these days in a lot of car dealer advertising.

There seems to be a battle going on by some dealers trying to claim that they are the biggest dealer around. They can claim to be “enormous, big, huge, the #1 seller! “, you see the ads on TV and radio, print and on billboards.

The fact is that all dealers get their new cars from the factory for the same price. There is no “volume discount”. It is right there in the dealer franchise law. Dealers are all on the same level field when it comes to price.

So does size matter?

Let me put it this way.  Does the burger place with “billions served” have the best hamburger? Does the airplane that seats the most have the most comfortable seats? I contend that if sheer volume of customers served was how you judged food, you would go to Ralph Wilson Stadium on game day for the food, not the football.

I am not big believer in sheer size when it comes to an indicator of quality or price. The claim of “#1 volume” has never meant much to me, no matter what the business.

What is more, even the smallest dealer can make a claim of “thousands of cars available”. We all have the same “locate software” provided by the factories that let us search all other dealers’ inventories. If we do not have exactly what you want in stock, we swap a car with a dealer that does and get it for you. We ALL have “thousands available”!

So what is my advice? Pick your dealer wisely. Look at the quality of the salespeople, shop and facility. Choose a dealer that fits you, will deal with you in a transparent way and has the attributes important to you. After all, you would not buy a size 12 shoe for a size 9 foot! Size is not everything.

At Genesee Valley, we are not the biggest (The Democrat and Chronicle recently ranked us #8 in Rochester) but that has never been our intent.

Our intent is to be the best.

Let us show you how a non-commissioned salesperson, giving you transparent, money saving, “no-nonsense” deal is really the right “fit” for you.