Dealership Reviews

Today's lesson for the day is business reputation, dealership reviews and how do you judge?

I was researching a local dealer who is showing some great reviews online but they seem to be written by employees or family. They just don't sound right. He subscribes to review sites where he has a lot of control and I think that he has a way of deleting the bad reviews. Why do I say that? Because his Better Business Bureau rating is currently an "F" ! Yes an "F"!

Let me tell you, we all know that every business will have an upset customer from time to time and there is simply no way to make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time but getting an "F" is pretty amazing.

The way it works with the BBB is that a customer sends a complaint to the BBB and the BBB contacts the business for a resolution. The business responds and then the BBB judges whether the business was fair to the customer or not. The BBB has been in business a long time and is a good judge in determining if the customer has a legitimate complaint or is just unreasonable. An "F" rating is pretty bad and I don't know if I could get passed that fact when considering a place to shop.

I am proud to say that we are an accredited BBB member and our BBB rating is an A+, which incidentally we have even before we were granted our accreditation. So my advice today is to put the BBB on your list of review sites that you consider.