Darts, Darts, Darts and more Darts!

Several Dodge Darts lined up in front of Genesee Valley

We are on the way to being the Dodge Dart capital of the world! Last month we were the largest Dodge Dart dealer in Western New York and the second largest Dodge Dart dealer in the entire northeast United States! The top Dodge Dart dealer sold only one more than we did so I do not feel all that bad about being in second place!

The Dodge Dart is about the size of a Ford Focus but has a tad more interior room. The Dart has excellent fuel efficiency, one model getting 41 Highway MPG without being a Hybrid! The look of the car is stunning and the Dart has an interior that has a lot of "soft panels" and many choices in color.

Here is a great review of the Dart, no need to take my word for how good the dart is, check this out from the New York Times:


I have also established a separate web page for our Dodge Darts. In our normal Chrysler Dodge Jeep page you can only see the vehicles that we have in inventory or are shipped. With this new site we can also show you the vehicles that we have "firm scheduled" and about to arrive soon. The site is:


Take a look at our Dodge Darts today !

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