Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ford...... all with lowball pricing, today only!

This "lowball" pricing is starting to drive me nuts! The prices in the paper and online are getting bad. Bad in that there seems to be a war among the dealers about who can put the lowest price in the paper that they WON'T sell you the car for.  I have to draw the line if a dealer advertises the price and says you have to qualify for the Dodge factory rebate for those individuals who own CASE TRACTORS! We have one local dealer doing just that. He hides behind the small print that says "all rebates applied". It makes it real hard for you to know what is going on and for those of us other dealers who will not use that tactic.

How do you even explain that to a customer with a straight face? "Yes sir Mr. Customer,  I know the ad online says that new 2013 Jeep Wrangler is $22,995 but that includes the $1,000 rebate for Case tractor DO own a Case tractor don't you?"


Here is the text of my ad this week in the paper. Please read and let me know what you think:



Know , by New York State Franchise law, all dealers pay the same price to the manufacturers for their new cars and trucks. There are no “volume discounts”.

Know that this will compel some dealers to advertise prices that they have no intention of honoring simply to get you to go their dealership .  In the car business this is called a “lowball” pricing.

Know that a dealer may hide behind his small print says “all rebates applied”,  which means you may have to qualify for rare factory rebates, like owning a Case tractor (true story),  or pay much more.

Know that you may have to accept far less for your trade-in than it is worth, accept a bloated interest rate you do not deserve or buy a worthless and expensive “protection package” that they sell.

Know that at Genesee Valley we do not use these tactics and believe you would rather not put up with all the nonsense.  You do have a choice.

At Genesee Valley our professional staff will work with you to help you know about all the aspects of your purchase; price, financing and trade-in. By knowing how it all works together, you will discover how you can really save money and be able to make an informed decision that is right for you and your family. Why accept anything less?