Blasphemy! J’accuse! HANG the S.O.B!


No, I am not talking about someone in political office, I am talking about ME!


As difficult as it is for one to comprehend, there are people who won’t like you no matter what you do. I do have to admit though, in this case, I gave them good reason.


November 7, 2015, a date that will live in antipathy (work with me here), I gave a talk to 80 interested and very nice people on how to buy a car without getting “snookered”.


I do this on occasion. I have a PowerPoint presentation.


Here is the meat of what I say:


  1. Since all dealers buy their cars for the same price from the factory, big dealers have no price advantage. You have just a good of a chance of getting your best deal from a small dealer.

  2. When shopping for a car, a dealer can give you a very low price on the car but take it all back (and more) in hidden fees, bloated financing, higher than you deserve, or worthless add-ons. If you see the “lowest price” advertised, it may not be the lowest if you calculate the whole deal. You need to consider it all.


In my presentation I go on to recount some of the silly, stupid or illegal things I have seen in the car business and how people can avoid being taken advantage of. People laughed and the vast majority “got it”.


It went well, many people came up to me and said that they got a lot out of it and I had 7 people go on camera at the end to give testimonials on how well they liked it.


I still feel pretty good about the whole thing even though I got hammered on the phone a few days later by a fellow dealer who told me they objected to the whole thing. The dealer made quite a fuss. It was clear that, in their opinion, I “blasphemed”, I touched the “third rail”, and I let the public “under the tent”. HOW DARE I? It was “not my place”. 


Well, I do dare.


I dare a lot.


I have given my presentation to over a dozen civic groups and a number of local companies. I have given a similar presentation to ethics classes at three local colleges. For me, it’s not about selling cars, it’s about educating the public and letting the chips fall where they may. People have a desire to be well informed buyers.  My hope is that I can make the world a little better by advising people to pass on the dealer’s extended warranty valid only in the Balkan islands or the insurance to protect the car from asteroid hits. If this presentation happens to sell a car or two, fine, but that is not the point.


Perhaps I will not be invited to play golf with that other dealer any time soon, but then again golf is not my thing, I have no coordination and found cheaper ways to make myself look silly. On the other hand, I love giving these talks and this is where I have to throw out a challenge.


If you, or anyone you know, needs a speaker to talk about the car business I am your guy. Just e-mail me at If you have a club like a Rotary or such, I will give you a donation for the privilege and I guarantee that your members will laugh, have fun and save money on their next car purchase.


Trust me! After all, I am a car dealer!


Oh, and since you read #1 and #2 above, you already know what upset the dealer, but please still come to one of my seminars, I have a lot more for you!