Better than Family Pricing !

I have to say I am always amused by those dealers that say that you are "treated like family" or have "family pricing". WHAT exactly does that mean? How about the dealer doesn't get along with his family...... has a tough time with his aging mother-in-law? Perhaps the 'ol gal pays through the nose like everyone else?

I guess I would have to actually talk to his family. What kind of prices do they get? Do they have to pay a higher price if there is an argument at Thanksgiving dinner? I bet he won't show you any of the actual deals his "family" gets. Does the "friends" price mean that you have to take some bloated financing or buy the asteroid protection package? You just can't tell.

It's a curious term and very creative. The fact is, however, I fancy myself to be a tad creative also, so a short while ago I came up with my own "friends" program. You can see the ad below.

Stop in if you qualify or not !

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