All credit applications ACCEPTED ! (really?)

Accepted ≠Approved ! 

Remember the ≠ symbol you learned in High School, “does not equal”? Some dealers are betting you did not get the concept. Like when they say “All credit applications accepted.” Accepted does not mean approved.

By law, a dealer MUST let you fill out a credit application and they MUST submit it to the bank, but that does not mean it will be approved. It’s just one more way some slippery dealers lure you into their dealership as you think that they have a special deal for you.

At Genesee Valley we refuse to play that game. We have great lenders like Ally, ES&L, Canandaigua Bank and a host of others available to you. We will do our best to get you the credit you need in a respectful and professional way, even if you have had some trouble in the past.

Visit us on Exit 10 route 390 Avon and one let one of our non-commissioned factory certified sales professionals show you money saving, no-nonsense, Genesee Valley deal on the new or used vehicle of your dreams.