Alignment is an important thing. No, I am not talking about the alignment on the wheels of your car, even though it is important. What I am talking about is the alignment of all the aspects of your car deal.

Let me explain. Most dealers will concentrate on talking to you about only one aspect of your deal and try to get you distracted about the others.

Any dealer can quote you a low initial price if he includes rebates you do not qualify for, demands that you accept his bloated financing or undervalues your trade-in.

Any dealer can shave hundreds off the price of his car if he makes you buy a worthless protection package or substandard warranty.

Your real price is a combination of all the aspects of your deal, price, financing and trade-in allowance. You have a right to know how they work together.

They need to “align” to your satisfaction.

You need to know and be comfortable with all the aspects of your deal and if you are not, do not buy! If you hear doubletalk from your salesperson, go somewhere else.

Like I say "two fives for your twenty is not a two-for-one salel"!