Ads or traps?

I actually took the time to interpret another dealer's disclaimer in his ad the other day. This was not a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Ford dealer so it was not one of my direct competitors. Here is what the disclaimer says in plain English:

The small print says that to get the price in the ad you have to do or be all of these things COMBINED.

  1. Be a recent college grad
  2. Have an 800 credit score
  3. Own two cars, one being the brand you are buying and one a competetive car
  4. Trade one of those cars in
  5. Be in the active military (not discharged, active)
  6. Mention the ad when you get there or else the price is no good

You have to quailfy for ALL of those to get the price. So what do you think your chances are of getting the ad price? I would say ZERO. The ad is not an ad,  it is a trap, plain and simple. So why would you shop there?

Want some a dealer's disclaimer first then read the ad. You may find traps waiting for you!