A Zillion Dollars for your trade-in ! GUARANTEED !

by Dom Genova

I think the question I get asked most often is:

“How can that other dealer say he will give you $4,000 for your trade no matter what?”

Here is the answer…..

He can’t give it to you.

Well, maybe if you are related to him he will, but there is always a “catch” to the deal.


I can list 6 ways that this can be done right off the top of my head:

1) He includes the factory rebate that you would be getting anyway as part of the $4,000. (There are lots of    vehicles with a $4,000 rebate, so he is giving you nothing.)

2) He insists that you take his financing and bumps your interest rate so he can get a big payment from the bank.

3) He adds worthless stuff to his vehicle that he makes you pay for. If you pay $2,000 for the worthless “electronic rustproofing” he can give you $2,000 for a piece of lint.

4) He gives you $4,000 for a trade-in that is worth $6,000

5) He simply “bumps” the price of his vehicle, making you pay full retail or more. (Watch for the false window sticker! He can give you a zillion more for your car if you pay him a zillion more for HIS car than it's worth.)

6 ) He makes you buy a worthless extended aftermarket warranty that is only good in another country on Tuesdays.

I am sure that, given the time to work on this, I can come up with some more but let this suffice for now.

There is no “something for nothing” in the car business. If a dealer is going to offer you something like $4,000 for a worthless trade-in, he is making it up somewhere else.

Want proof?

Go to the junk yard, buy a $1,000 used car and bring it to one of those dealers and demand that he give you $4,000. Oh, just remember to tell him that you are not going to buy anything from him, you just want your 4 grand.

The tell me what he says ! HAHA