There has been a lot less tent sales this year than last year! You can thank me later! Haha

I have been running radio ads that say “If moving my cars two miles down the road to a tent sale makes them cheaper then moving them 100 miles to Utica should make them cheaper still!” I obviously did this to illustrate the silliness of the traditional “tent sale” that a lot of dealers do. All the tent does is add expense and I wanted to point that out. I also think most people prefer an air conditioned showroom and indoor plumbing!

Maybe this scared away some dealers from doing tent sales, who knows?

I guess I upset one of the dealers that had a tent sale is mad at me and I feel a little (little) bad.  I don’t play golf and would turn down an invitation if he gave me one anyway.  I just love pointing out the absurdity of the car business. Can't help myself.

You may have seen the ad in the paper I did do.

Instead of a “tent sale” I decided to take the money I would have spent on a tent and donated it to people who could actually use tents……..the Boy Scouts. I donated $5,000 to local troops so they could go out and buy tents. The cool thing is that we were just recognized in the D+C paper today for our gesture with a “thumbs-up”!

So for all “in-tents” and purposes, (you can groan if you want), I am pretty happy with our “tentless” summer so far!

The text of the D+C "thumbs up"..............

For Genesee Valley Motors and it's president, Dom Genova, for forgoing a "Tent Sale" and instead donating the money they would have used to rent the tent to local Boy Scout Troops. Twenty-five troops received a total of $5,000 to put toward their own tents.



Photo of a newspaper giving Genesee Valley a