A funny thought......................

I come up with creative thoughts usually at one of two times during the day. I either wake up at 4am or I get an idea when I am shaving. Can’t figure it out why. Something dawns on me.

This is a “shaving” inspiration.

I was thinking about all of those dealers who are telling you they are giving you all these “free things” when you buy a car from them. A lot of people actually think that the “stuff” (TV, iPad, cruise) is free but if you read the small print it is always “included in the price”, not free.

So here is the thought:

Is it “free” or is it just your “change”?

If you get to the Thruway toll booth and pay $5.00 for a $3.50 toll, the toll will give you back $1.50. Because you overpaid, you received money back.

 The toll taker never claims that he gave you a discount or that he gave you anything for “free”. He simply gave you the change you had coming.

My point?

When a new car dealer overcharges you for your car to give you a cruise, TV or iPad it is not really “free”. Look at it as the “change” you rightfully would have coming because you overpaid.

The fact is that all new car dealers pay the same price to the manufacturers for their cars no matter how many they buy. The” free” stuff offered to you has to be paid for by someone and that someone is you.

I believe most people would rather pay less for the car itself and spend their “change” as they see fit.

It's at least what I would prefer.