A donation

It's going to be the holiday season soon and you are going to see a lot of dealers taking credit for how much money they donate to charities. Some will have their pictures taken with one of those big checks donating to a very worthy cause. That is one of the great things about car dealers. Most of us want to support the community and we do, including myself.

I am always tickled, however, when I see a dealer advertise a "donation for every car sold". Oh, I think that giving money to worthy causes is very honorable and I am not doubting their motivation but I have to ask: Why do YOU have to BUY something to make the donation happen? So unless you buy something he is giving nothing? Isn't that like the "free TV" that is really just "included in the price"?

I am scratching my head.

Wouldn't it be better that, instead of donating $100 of YOUR money for one particular charity, he just sell you the car for $100 less and let YOU donate the savings? You could pick any charity you want and the tax deduction would be yours, not his.

It's just today's thought.