A bit about .......well, me.

The Rochester Business Journal published a feature article on yours truly.

I was a little concerned when the reporter called me last Monday and said that the article was going to be longer than she normally writes because she found me "interesting". I was a little concerned because I thought "interesting" could have been a code word you use when you really mean something else. Like if a friend said "I want to set you up on a blind date and he is ........well........interesting".

Actually it came out very well and I am very thankful for the work she did. For better or worse, it is a pretty accurate sketch of me, of the dealership and the way we started.

Here is a link from my Dropbox account.



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 Thanks !


Photo of a newspaper article on Dom Genova, the president of Genesee Valley Motors and how he built his business
A thumbnail of the article, please click on the link above.