$39 per month, $0 Down !

Cartoon of three grey mice explaining things to avoid (Cats, mouse traps, and misleading advertising).
Today's lesson

$39 per month, $0 Down ! .......It's NOT happening !

What I am referring to is all those car dealer ads that seem to be popping up like some bad mold in your basement. There is no way that you are going to actually buy any type of reliable transportation (other than something you have to foot-pedal) for some of these prices that are being advertised by select dealers.

Of course you can get a car for $39 a month, if you put enough money down. You can actually get a car for $0 per month if you pay cash, but that is not "0 Down" is it? What is the catch? The catch is that is a "come-on" ad that requires that you jump through a bunch of qualifiers and hoops that nobody on the planet would actually qualify for.

The point is to get you in the door. Then you find out that, although there is no "Down" there are thousands in "FEES" you need to come up with along with such things as you having a competitive lease, being in the military, a recent college grad, on a "supplier list", A+ credit and have a trade-in worth $5,000.

Take some advice from my mouse friend below. Let common sense reign and when you are looking for a money saving, no nonsense, money saving deal come see us!


That is so true!

Oct 19, 2015 2:25 am
- Elizabeth D.

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