Our "no-nonsense" standards.

Virtually every car and truck dealer will tell you that they have great prices and value you as a customer, but few will back up their claims in writing.

At Genesee Valley, “No-Nonsense” is not a catch phrase, it is the way we do business. It’s our core values and what you can expect from us.

Below please find our ten “Genesee Valley No-Nonsense” standards, in writing:

star-bullet.png   We have non-commissioned salespeople who receive no incentive to make you pay more. As you negotiate your purchase with one of our salespeople, you will quickly see that their objective is to have you be a valued customer for life, not just a sale for today. The deal presented to you will be transparent and understandable. What's more, you will not be subjected to the typical "back and forth to the manager" tactic found at other dealerships.
star-bullet.png   We have no “finance manager” whose objective is to sell high markup low-benefit “add-ons”, like paint sealant and electronic rustproofing. Here, you will not be asked to buy worthless "add-ons" for your car.
star-bullet.png   You will find that our advertising is clear and in plain language using only rebates that are available to all customers, not just members of a small special group.
star-bullet.png   We do not conduct "key in the mail" sales, "phony check in the mail sales", "repo sales" or "free stuff for life" schemes. They only add to your cost one way or another.
star-bullet.png   We sell only factory warranties so you will not have to "pre pay" for a covered repair or have trouble getting service if you are out of town.
star-bullet.png   We always stock certified used vehicles, as well as traditional use d cars.
star-bullet.png   Our shop is open 6 days a week, even Saturday, 7am-8pm so you can get your vehicle serviced when it is convenient for you.
star-bullet.png   We are Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited.
star-bullet.png   We are "big truck" and diesel certified with the mechanics, tools and 30,000 lb. lifts they require.
star-bullet.png   Your satisfaction is important to us and our dealer principal will ultimately become involved if there ever is an issue that you feel is unresolved.